• Gracie Barra Glasgow, Scotland
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  • people who love to train with us

    - revealed that they were struggling with the breakup of a marriage and needed a place to clear their minds in the midst of turmoil
    - were recovering from a serious accident and looking for a means of physical therapy to rebuild their fitness and strength for life
    - someone whose family member was diagnosed with terminal cancer and finding that jiu-jitsu helped them clear their mind and cope with their emotional pain and sense of helplessness
    - painfully shy young people looking for a way to build confidence and be able to face the world with their heads held high
    - were recovering from a battle with substance abuse, looking for a way to add stability to their lives and replace a self destructive habit with a healthy one
    - overcoming a battle with obesity and using the jiu-jitsu lifestyle to create a new way for them to get healthy and enjoy life
    - women seeking a way to regain confidence and a feeling of personal safety after being involved in an abusive relationship or experiencing a scary brush with street violence


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