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  • @ OCF We want to establish a fantastic community where everyone is made to feel welcome and feel like they make it what it is. Each workout is specially programmed in order to get you to the results you have always dreamed about without it actually feeling too much like hard work. You will be taught new skills - you may even be taught your old skills again - the fabric of your fitness will be tested, then you will be challenged and motivated in the pursuit of excellence, after which you will be tested again. It is here you will find how successful this programme is - seeing results, both inside and out, that you enjoyed attaining.

    WHAT IS Omnipotent CrossFit?

    Omni means all - and at Omnipotent CrossFit we use all 10 of the recognised fitness domains to deliberately attempt to optimise your physical competence in each of them - thus leaving no weaknesses and only balance in your strength and conditioning programming.

    These 10 fitness domains are:


    In order to effectively improve our participants competence in all of the above domains we run small class format instruction and workout sessions called WOD's (Workout of the Day) where you learn and perform programmed strength and conditioning work instructed by our expert certified coaches in a fun, constantly varied and challenging way!

    Omnipotent CrossFit (OCF) is a fitness programme designed around the things you do in the REAL WORLD. OCF is more like Personal Training due to its in depth skill instruction personalised to you. We borrow exercises from weightlifting, gymnastics, rowing, running and sport, and we mix it up, A LOT, so that your body is always adapting, getting stronger, faster and better conditioned.

    What does Omnipotent CrossFit have to offer?

    What you get @ OCF is coaching by certified and experienced trainers, teaching you about real fitness. Putting you in a leg press and making you push very hard is not fitness, nor is it an effective form of training! You pay us for our knowledge and advice and for us to be there for you every time!

    Is Omnipotent CrossFit suitable for everyone?

    OCF is suitable for all levels of experience; the needs of an Olympic athlete to your average out of shape person are one in the same. One is looking for functional dominance while the other is looking for functional competence. By functional we mean to be able to do any of life's physical challenges, no matter what's thrown at you!

    CrossFit isn't just another workout. It is a community of people who value real fitness instructed by real coaches.


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