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  • Have you ever looked at your food and thought "what is ACTUALLY in this?".

    With Kind Crusts, you don't have to wonder.
    Our business is built on passion; a passion to provide tasty, nutritious and affordable food, which shows compassion towards our planet and fellow earthlings.

    It is no secret the planet struggles to support us and we are all expected to play our part, by things such as recycling and lowering our carbon footprint. But did you know the most effective way to reduce the amount of harm caused is to eat less meat and more veggies? Not only does a vegan-led diet help the planet's sustainability, but it also saves billions of animals' lives AND provides unparalleled health benefits. It's no surprise more and more people are changing their eating habits.

    At Kind Crusts, we embrace this food revolution by boasting a mouth-watering menu of gourmet sandwiches, cakes and coffee, crafted from the tastiest plant-based ingredients and finest breads. Our innovative menu is designed completely free from meat, eggs and dairy; everything is vegan, and stuffed full of goodness. We source our products from only local suppliers who fit with our ethos, choosing ethics over profit. We, basically, strive to be as thoughtful and caring as possible. So with our food; there is no guess-work; you KNOW what is in it.

    Open since July 2016, our shop in Dennistoun is the perfect pit-stop to refuel or load up for your day ahead. We also offer lunch catering services, so choosing Kind has never been more convenient.


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