• 100 hour Yoga Foundation Course

  • 19 Octombrie 20:00 - 19:00
  • 100 hr Foundation Course with Julie Hanson and Claire Davidson

    We have noticed in the 15 years that we have been holding our teacher trainings, that there is an ever increasing demand for a shorter "just want to know more about Yoga" course.

    Our 100 Hour Yoga Foundation course is primarily focussed on the physical practice of yoga and is for anyone at the beginning of their journey or looking to take their yoga practice further

    Included in the course:

    Over 30 postures - how to practice them properly.
    Yoga flows to help you understand how the positions feel as you move through a practice.
    An introduction to the elements of nature and how they feature in living a balanced day to day life.
    Basic breathing techniques.
    How to meditate or deepen your meditation practice - with various methods demonstrated.
    Reading lists & book discussion.
    Physiological body systems.
    Lifestyle tips for wellness and vitality.
    Beginners Yoga philosophy course.
    You will receive a course book 'Deconstructing Yoga' and additional notes with access to our SYTTonline web site for many items including videos on the postures you will be learning.

    The Price
    £300 deposit followed by 5 monthly instalments of £210.

    August 18 - December 18
    Module 1
    Friday 24th & Saturday 25th August 2018 The Water Element

    Module 2
    Friday 21st & Saturday 22nd September The Wood Element

    Module 3
    Friday 19th & Saturday 20th October The Fire Element

    Module 4
    Friday 16th & Saturday 17th November The Earth Element

    Module 5
    Friday 7th & Saturday 8th December The Metal Element