• Science Lates: Space

  • 19 Octombrie 20:00 - 20 Octombrie 00:30
  • To infinity, and beyond! Our penultimate 2018 Science Late takes us out of this world, to explore the cosmos and beyond. Journey to the stars in our fulldome digital Planetarium or talk to one of many experts about what's going on off world.

    Of course you'll be able to enjoy three floors of over 400 hundred exhibits, a spectacular science show and lots of tasty food and drink, naturally. With cocktails, craft beers, lagers, wine and prosecco along with food direct from our very own chefs, you can make a complete night of it.

    Come and explore, no kids allowed. Invite all your friends and enjoy an extraordinary Friday.

    Watch this space for more info and details of the programme!

    Tickets are £15pp/£10 students for 4.5 hours full of fun! You don't need to turn up bang on 6pm, there will be entertainment throughout the night.