• 108 Summer Sun Salutations

  • 23 Iunie 11:30 - 13:30
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  • We love practicing 108 Sun Salutations at the studio. There is a real fun community spirit, everyone’s energy supports each other and we raise loads of money for either the homeless or the hungry.
    We look after you well and will have all sorts of goodies on the day ❤️ The Glasgow Boutique of @Sweaty Betty will have some nice little goody bags at the end for everyone 👏👏 and May even join in!
    This event goes towards feeding a school in Malawi and helping Mary’s Meals with their vision of ending World Hunger.
    What a perfect way to kick of your summer, not only is it a fun challenge for you, so your summer body will thank you, but your heart will also.
    Mary’s Meals builds communities by bringing in volunteers from the villages to make the children’s food, thus giving a sense of pride and a feeling of being able to do something productive to help and support the younger generation.

    We will be asking everyone who signs up, to share our event and ask their friends/family/colleagues to help by sponsoring our team with as much or as little as is possible. Every penny counts.

    As most of you are now aware we have been sponsoring a primary school for 1 year. Nkhalango Primary School in Malawi via Mary’s Meals.
    Mary’s Meals ensures that every child who comes to school will receive at least 1 meal a day. For most of these children this is the only meal they receive all day.
    One of the volunteers was telling us recently, that at the end of the day some of the children volunteer to scrape the pots, not to feed themselves but to give to their parents, as sometimes that is all they will have all day.
    By getting these children into school and educated, gives them not only a sense of purpose, but hope for the future.
    It costs only £13.90 to feed 1 child for 1 year!
    Some children in Malawi walk 3hrs or more just to get to school.
    Yes it’s a challenge, however if you can do cardio exercise for 45 mins, then this is for you and if you are uncertain about health issues, please do run it past your doc first.
    To sign up, just email us ourworldyoga@gmail.com and we’ll get you registered.

    Our Team so far......

    Natalie 🙌
    Camilla 🙌
    Gaynor 🙌
    Carolyn 🙌
    Scott 🙌
    Sarah Reid 🙌

    (We’ll add your names once your signed in!)
    Sponsor link coming soon ❤️