• Drew McCulloch's Spirit of Slim Chance - Òran Mór

  • 16 Iunie 21:00 - 17 Iunie 00:00
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  • In the summer of 1974 Ronnie Lane and the band Slim Chance toured Britain with clowns, fire eaters, caravans, and a handful of great songs (not to mention Viv Stanshall as the ringmaster). It was called THE PASSING SHOW. The venue was a circus tent. The idea was to turn up practically unannounced and have a great time.

    What happened next has gone into Rock & Roll history. Drew McCulloch was in Slim Chance for the duration.

    Since then Drew has recorded 3 solo albums and worked with artists as diverse as Cliff Richard, Jim Davidson Go West and Gary Numan. Enjoy an evening of Ronnie Lane and Gallagher & Lyle classics, and original songs from Drew’s amazingly talented Spirit of Slim Chance band.